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Written by Thomas Coon

A 9-5 job may be the benchmark but it does not mean that is the right career path for you. If you feel like quitting because you feel trapped or of office politics, hence, you do not have a fall back, you may work from home as an online freelancer. Bookkeeping is one of the jobs you can do if you are a graduate of accounting. More certified bookkeepers consider working remotely because of the luxury of comfort. Not only that, enjoy flexible working hours

Skills and Tasks of an Accountant

The skills and tasks of an accountant or bookkeeper include analytical skills, creating financial reports, entering account information, leadership, reviewing bank statements and expenses from company staff, summarizing current financial condition, time management, etc.

Accounting Terms You Will Encounter

Some of the accounting terms you will encounter in office and school is accounts payable, accounts receivable, assets, balance sheet, cash flow, debit, ledger, liabilities, owner’s equity, return on investment, trial balance, etc. To succeed in the accounting field, you have to make yourself familiar with the terms. You will feel awkward when you are with a crowd with the same career/interest as yours if you do not have any idea what they are talking about. You have to know the lingo so you won’t feel left out. Before you become an accountant or bookkeeper, for instance, in Australia, you may check out Pisani accounting services. You can be part of the team that provides excellent services to businesses.

Why Businesses Need It?

Most businesses fail because of poor accounting. For that reason, if you own a business, whether it is small-scale, you have to do accounting/bookkeeping. Such will help you determine the financial status of your business, manage your finances, track your growth, etc. You have to hire a certified accountant or bookkeeper to help you.

Accounting-Related Jobs

An accountant or a bookkeeper can work with small businesses, individuals, large corporations, and non-profit government organizations. And can work as an accounting clerk, budget analyst, capital accountant, cost estimator, environmental accountant, tax consultant, tax attorney or tax preparer. The career choices are many. Just know what you exactly want.

It Is Challenging

Every job is challenging and it requires a unique set of skills. The same thing goes with accounting. It is no easy job, and you have to be an expert in analysing data, keeping financial records, preparing tax returns, etc. Moreover, you always have to meet deadlines, be able to focus under pressure, and the list goes on.

Benefits of Becoming an Accountant

Becoming an accountant will give you the job security that you need. Of course, you have to work hard for it if you want to succeed in this career field. And with the help of today’s technology, your work will be a lot easier.

Consider taking accountancy in college if you are hardworking and you like to assess data. It is a lucrative job, and there is growth potential. Yes, it is challenging but it will be worth it at the end.

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