4 Ways to Impress Clients When Visiting the Corporate Office

Your chance to impress a client doesn’t just begin in that conference room. No, there will be several things before that that will make a lasting impression on them and show them if you’re worth investing in. Essentially, you need to advertise a sense of professionalism from beginning to end to make this an enjoyable experience for them so here are some of the best ways you could go about that.


Start with the most obvious aspect of your workplace- its cleanliness. You’ll want to have your garden serviced at least monthly so that it stands no chance of growing out of control. You can also have your gutters cleaned with the same crew- just check out eleypropertymaintenance.com.au for more. Next, have someone critique your workplace from the entrance so they can point out any flaws a client may notice as soon they enter it- this could range from various small details like tattered magazines or chipped paint in corners. These details might be so small that you might even miss them on a daily basis but rest assured, it is something that will pop up immediately to visitors. 

The Reception

This is where the client will be made to wait so this is also where hospitality and utmost respect comes into play. No visiting client would ever want to be greeted by stony reception staff, too busy with phone calls to even make eye contact. So make sure to train your reception staff- no matter how busy they might get, they still need to be able to communicate with the person who’s waiting merely by gesturing for them to sit with a smile and indicate that they’ll be right with the visitor.

The Staff

On that note, you’ll also have to train your general working staff. They might believe that it’s not their role to interfere with any wandering visitor they might run into- they’ll avoid contact and focus on their work or nod a simple hello once walking past. Drill it into your staff that it does not matter if this does not lie in their functional role but they are obliged to represent the company well and this means that if they run into any unattended visitors, they should first smile and say hello. They should then go on to ask if there’s anything they can help them with.


If you know that you have clients visiting the next day, make sure to invest in a healthy platter of snacks as well as tea/coffee and water that is more easily accessible and not hidden away in the kitchen so they don’t have to wonder around if they start feeling parched. This way they can serve themselves as they wait for the meeting to commence and trust us, this is being far more considerate of a client’s needs.

In just 4 ways you can have your guests beyond impressed with your professionalism but it all depends on you and your team working together smoothly to put the client’s needs first.