How to Choose A Strata Management Agency?

Choosing the right strata manager for your property can be a challenging task. Aside from looking for one who can effectively manage the property, there are also other factors to be considered such as their fee. A good strata manager should help the residents enjoy a safe and successful stratum living as much as possible. If you’re looking for a new strata manager for your property, here are the essential factors you should look into when choosing one.


Just like how you do when choosing other services, the price is one of the important factors to consider when choosing a strata manager. You can easily compare price quotes of different strata management agencies online to know which ones will suit your budget. Be sure to pay only for the services that you need to avoid unnecessary expenses. However, price should not be your sole standard in choosing a strata manager.


Another important factor when choosing a strata manager is his location. Aside from the ease of access to your building, local strata managers are also well-informed about certain risks to owners in that city. They also have contacts with local service providers such as cleaners, gardeners, electricians and others, making it easier when the building needs maintenance and repair. It would also be easier for him to attend to issues and problems if he is staying nearby compared to one who is on another state or city. If you have a property in Carlingford, be sure to choose among strata management agencies that are nearby.

Recommendations and References

A recommendation coming from someone you trust is much more powerful than all those marketing propagandas created by strata management agencies. If you’re looking for good agencies, ask your family or friends living on other strata properties for recommendations on which agency provides good services. You may also check for references to know about the quality of service they are offering. You can obtain references from their past clients or read some reviews and ratings on their website if they have one.

Meets Your Expectations

Be sure to lay out the tasks you want to be done by the strata manager. That way, he is aware of what responsibilities and duties you are expecting him to do and be able to meet them all. He can also back out early on if there are some tasks on the list that he thinks he can’t fulfil, giving you ample time to find a different manager instead.

Experience and Qualification

When choosing a strata manager, be sure to check if he is fully qualified for the job. Ask for their license, insurance, and even inquire if they are a member of any associations related to their field. An experienced strata manager is also known to be better since they already know a lot of twist and turns in this industry.

Finding a good strata manager takes time and effort. However, everything is worth it once you pick the right one for your building.