Understanding the Role of Services Offices

Serviced offices provide a variety of facilities for the efficient operation of a business. There are a lot of expenses that are required when you are leasing an office and you can find a cost-effective solution for this in serviced offices.

There are plenty of advantages to using serviced offices. These offices are fully furnished and can accommodate small start-up businesses to large companies. So this office rental Sydney offers flexibility in expansion as well. This way, you only need to pay for the space that you currently need which will save costs in the interim. For start-up businesses this is a great way of renting an office as they don’t need to commit to a long term lease which can be hard on small budgets. As the economy is constantly changing, it can be futile to plan too far ahead and generally long term lease will have a minimum duration of 5 years. You will not be tied down to an office in the event of financial difficulties with a serviced office. You can even lease it for a month or couple of months to get an idea of the running costs and the success rate of the business.

Scalability is a necessary requirement for many offices looking for an office rental. What generally happens is that you lease extra space anticipating company growth. This can be hard for a small business to bear. There is the option of scaling up or down according to your business requirements when you select a serviced office. The day to day operation of an office will add to the costs and in the traditional method of leasing, you are required to pay for utilities, equipment, networking, cleaning costs, service charges, maintenance charges etc. You are provided with a bare shell where you will need to install partitioning and carry out a complete interior fit-out. In the case of services offices, operational costs and maintenance will be taken care of by the serviced office provider. And the cost of this will be in the monthly rent that you are expected to pay.

Serviced offices offer meeting rooms, printing facilities, break-out spaces for relaxing, lounges, quiet areas etc. that are a long way from the traditional setting of an office. There are so many different options for working areas which gives more freedom to employees. This also elevates the image of the company as well as employee satisfaction. When it comes to the cost of renting a serviced office, you will need to pay the monthly rent that will cover running costs. It calls for more transparency as the monthly cost will be explained to you the way it breaks down into rent, service charges, utilities, insurance, office furniture, reception services, maintenance and cleaning. There may be additional costs for services such as internet usage, front desk, postal services, meeting rooms etc. This all depends on the serviced office provider you are going with. Generally, meeting rooms will be for hire as they will not be used often.