Crucial Web Design Tips for a Professional Site

Are you planning to stat a website for your company? Or are you planning to re-design the site you already have? Whether it is the first time you are planning to design one or you are planning to give a new touch to the site you already have there are few tips you need to remember when developing a new site if you want it to attract more readers. Here are some of the most important tips you need to know.

Keep It Organised

The first and foremost tip to remember when developing a website is to make it user friendly; make sure the site layout make it easy to navigate through the pages and visit other options. This is especially applicable to your homepage as this is the page that will give your customers a first impression about the site. Most readers will not bother to explore a site that is difficult to navigate. Keep it free of clutter and minimize the words you use on the homepage to make it even clearer. Keep your instructions legible. You can always get help from a website developer in Geelong to design your dream site.

Easy to Read

You site will not be useful if no one can read the content published there. This is why it is important to make sure the colours and the fonts you use are easier to read. Do not use the same colours you used for the backgrounds on your fonts as well. Instead use colours that contrast with the background when choose colours for the fonts. Make sure the font size is easier to read as well. Depending on your font, the size you need to choose may vary. If there is a particular font design you like to use make sure you inform that to your developer when designing the site. Keep your sentences clear and precise and do not make them too complex.

Mobile Friendly

Make sure there is a mobile friendly version of the site. This is important in the modern age where a lot of people access the internet using their mobile phones. Sites that are made only to be viewed in a computer screen brings a lot of difficulties for mobile phone users when navigating the pages. This will make the site even more user friendly to a large reader base. Your site will be accessible to anyone anytime as they will be able to read it either from the comforts of their bed or even while travelling in the train.

Use Brand Colours

Another good tip to remember when designing your website is to choose your brand colours on the site layout. This will make it easier for your customers to identify your site as well as make it easier to create an impression about your brand the moment they open your site. Remember to also display your logo and the company name in clear letters as well to make it easier to identify. However, while you have the freedom to experiment with the colour theme remember to not use too much darker shades together as it will make the content harder to read.

The key to making a good site is to making it easier for the readers who are your potential customers. Make sure it is easy for them to access and read through to make it more convenient for them.